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    This is our first time hajj with Taleem Tours, we went Hajj in March 2016 and stayed in Safwah Towers in Makkah and Elaf Taibah in Madinah, I took my elderly parents and my father commented that he has never been treated with such kindness and care by the staff of Taleem Tours and we definitely recommend them to anyone as when you choose the package they are honest, reliable and professional.
    – Taslim Choudhury, Hajj 2017 (our guest of Allah The Most High)
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    We booked with Taleem Tours by recommendations and we were given exactly what we requested and even more, both hotels in Makkah and Madina were excellent. Very personalised service were provided. I would highly recommend them.
    – Md Minhajul Islam, April 2018 (our guest of Allah The Most High)
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    It was my first time hajj and Br Yasin explained the complete rituals to me and gave me very simple PDF format guide, I wanted my hajj to be free from any innovation Br Yasin took the time out and explained bida in creed and in action and I felt happy and confident that my Hajj being done according to Quran and Sunnah, I chose economy hotels both were near the masjids in Makkah and Medina and they were clean. I would definitely recommend Taleem Tours for their advice, guidance and price. May Allah reward them.
    – Nafiz Abdi, Hajj 2018 (our guest of Allah The Most High)

Q1.How much Deposit is needed to book?

A: £1000 per person ( Non-Refundable) 30% after 15th of June

Q2.What is the closing date for Hajj Booking?

A: 30th July 2016. Subject to Availability

Q3.When is the full payment due?

A: 05th August 2016

Q4.Will all single woman need a mahram?

A: Yes, unless the she is over the age of 45 and accompanied by another sister

Q5.What is the luggage allowance?

A: 30 KG per person + 10L Zam Zam Water ( subject to airline rules and regulations )

Q6.After Booking my place, what documents do I need to provide?

A: Passport ( valid for at least 6 months), 4 Passports Photos, Completed Visa form and a copy of your Vaccination Certificate ( ACWY meningitis). Please keep the original we only require copies until later date.

Q7.Which Airline do you use?

A: Chartered & Scheduled Flights ( Saudi Airline and British Airways )

Q8.What is the distance between the hotels and The Holy Sanctuaries?

A: All of our hotels are very close to Holy Mosques.

Q9.Can we book a VIP tent?

A: There are no designated VIP tents available for the UK or European Pilgrims area but we provide VIP services and facilities in our tents through Mutawif services.

Q10.Can I change Flight details?

A: The flight details are non-changeable

Q11.What happens to our suit cases during Hajj days?

A: During hajj days, your belongings will be stored in safe and secure storage.

Q12. Will I access to our hotels during Mina?

A: The group will have access to our building in Aziziyah.

Q13. What is the segregation procedure in Mina?

A: Men and Women stay in separate tents in Mina.

Q14. Can I contact my Wife in Mina?

A: Yes, but you cannot enter the women’s Tent.

Q15.In Aziziyah, how many people do I share the room with?

A: Maximum 4. Segregation is observed. At an additional cost, you can book twin sharing.

Q16. Do you have a medical Doctor?

A: Yes, a medical doctor will be with us to provide advice and prescribe medicine. Most of the medicines are available from the local pharmacy.

Q17.How many guides and assistant accompany the Group?

A: We have 10 expertly trained guides; in addition, we have a team in Saudi Arabia who will facilitate our Hajj journey.

Q18. Will there be lectures and religious talks during the hajj?

A: Yes