Standard Hajj Package 2020

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Price: £ 6499


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Price: £ 999

Q1.How much Deposit is needed to book?

A: £1000 per person ( Non-Refundable) 30% after 15th of June

Q2.What is the closing date for Hajj Booking?

A: 30th July 2016. Subject to Availability

Q3.When is the full payment due?

A: 05th August 2016

Q4.Will all single woman need a mahram?

A: Yes, unless the she is over the age of 45 and accompanied by another sister

Q5.What is the luggage allowance?

A: 30 KG per person + 10L Zam Zam Water ( subject to airline rules and regulations )

Q6.After Booking my place, what documents do I need to provide?

A: Passport ( valid for at least 6 months), 4 Passports Photos, Completed Visa form and a copy of your Vaccination Certificate ( ACWY meningitis). Please keep the original we only require copies until later date.

Q7.Which Airline do you use?

A: Chartered & Scheduled Flights ( Saudi Airline and British Airways )

Q8.What is the distance between the hotels and The Holy Sanctuaries?

A: All of our hotels are very close to Holy Mosques.

Q9.Can we book a VIP tent?

A: There are no designated VIP tents available for UK or European Pilgrims area but we provide VIP services and facilities in our tents through Mutawif services.

Q10.Can I change Flight details?

A: The flight details are non-changeable

Q11.What happens to our suit cases during Hajj days?

A: During hajj days, your belongings will be stored in a safe and secure storage.

Q12. Will I access to our hotels during Mina?

A: The group will have access to our building in Aziziyah.

Q13. What is the segregation procedure in Mina?

A: Men and Women stay in separate tents in Mina.

Q14. Can I contact my Wife in Mina?

A: Yes, but you cannot enter the women’s Tent.

Q15.In Aziziyah, how many people do I share the room with?

A: Maximum 4. Segregation is observed. At an additional cost, you can book twin sharing.

Q16. Do you have a medical Doctor?

A: Yes, a medical doctor will be with us to provide advice and prescribe medicine. Most of the medicines are available from the local pharmacy.

Q17.How many guides and assistant accompany the Group?

A: We have 10 expertly trained guides; in addition we have a team in Saudi Arabia who will facilitate our Hajj journey.

Q18. Will there be lectures and religious talks during the hajj?

A: Yes